• Nikon Camera Review: Nikon D70 Review - Exactly What I Needed In A Camera

    12 April 2005

    Nikon D70 Review - Exactly What I Needed In A Camera

    My first concern when choosing a camera was to find one that I would use and use regularly. The obvious downside to the D70 (and any SLR) is the size and weight. This is by no means a camera that I can put in my pocket and pull out at a moment's notice. Despite this, I find myself bringing it with me to places that I wouldn't have imagined bringing any sort of camera. The D70 makes taking pictures such a pleasant experience that I go out of my way to carry it with me. I have taken it skiing, kayaking, partying, and many other places.

    The camera is absurdly easy to use, if all you want is to take a picture and move it to a computer. I assume that anyone looking at this camera, though, is perhaps interested in a some additional features, whether in the camera or in photo editing. The D70 does not disappoint. Even prior to reading the manual, I was able to figure out a lot of what the camera can do, and after reading the manual, I realized that it is unlikely that I will ever memorize every function. It is by far most satisfying to simply put everything on manual and simulate shooting film.

    Briefly, about the contents of the box. The included lens is a great product. It has good zoom and a great wide angle which is incredibly useful for group shots and what have you. I purchased a card reader to avoid running the camera batteries down, and I take probably 2 GB of photos per battery charge. I do not use any of the software that came with the camera, as I use iPhoto for importing and organizing and Photoshop for editing. I did buy a UV filter, and I recently acquired a second lens with a substantially larger zoom.

    It is certainly a great camera. I know that I made exactly the right decision to purchase this camera. I use it regularly despite the weight, and I find myself taking better and better pictures.

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