• Nikon Camera Review: Nikon D70 Review - The BEST DSLR on the market!!

    20 April 2005

    Nikon D70 Review - The BEST DSLR on the market!!

    This camera is FAST!!! It's a great relief to finally be able to take a digital photo with almost no shutter lag and/or wait time to take another photo. The startup time can probably be scientifically proven to be a value greater than 0 but is 0 for real world purposes. After flipping the `on' switch the camera is ready to shoot before I can press the shutter release no matter how hard I try! Now that's progress!!

    The auto focus is quick and accurate. I have not experienced `Back Focus' problems as some have described. In low light, it does have difficulty focusing on objects with little or no contrast such as the bedroom wall, but this is of no consequence.

    In case you haven't heard already from the other reviews, the battery life is absolutely legendary. I had my camera 2 weeks before it needed to be recharged. In those 2 weeks, I shot approximately 1000 photos. Many of which were with the flash or continuous focus. Continuous focus seems to be the biggest battery drainer.

    My biggest concern about purchasing the D70 was the moiré problem that is in many of the sample photos I've seen and apparently in many of the photos of other reviewers. I can certainly say that I have not been able to produce moiré in any photo no matter how hard I try. I've taken photos of many complex patterns, near and far, under many lighting conditions and camera settings and still no moiré. Hooray for me, I guess.

    The construction feels solid even though it is plastic. We shouldn't be haphazardly throwing our cameras around anyway.

    If you're one of the many out there trying to decide between the Canon 300D and the Nikon D70, the choice is very simple. Ounce for ounce, dollar for dollar, the D70 offers more features than the 300D. Also, the kit lens for the 300D is a joke when compared to the 18-70 kit lens of the D70. All of that being said, if you have a bag full of Canon lenses, buy the 300D. If you have a bag full of Nikon lenses or no lenses at all, buy the D70. It's worth the price difference.

    No camera is perfect and as such, this camera does have areas that could stand some improvement.

    - The Auto White Balance is virtually worthless. `Worthless' might be a bit harsh but it's rather inaccurate. Manually setting the White Balance takes care of that problem.

    - The default and preset color profiles seem either too flat or too extreme. I recommend going into the custom settings and boosting the saturation +1 and sharpness +1.

    -The view finder is a tad on the dark side.

    These shortcomings are minor and should not really affect your buying decision.

    As far as additional features for future models, should Nikon be reading, I would suggest a short cut to switch from single to continuous shooting mode and custom digi-vari programs to be able to switch from one group of custom settings to another in an instant.



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