• Nikon Camera Review: Nikon D70 Review - Goodbye film!

    23 April 2005

    Nikon D70 Review - Goodbye film!


    1.Turns on instantly, no waiting for it to boot up.
    2. Batteries last a very long time. I've had this camera for about 2 weeks and have taken several hundred shots and the battery shows no signs of getting week
    3. No shutter delay.
    4. Good solid construction
    5. Excellent picture quality, of course.
    6. Menus are easy to navigate.
    7. Uses Nikkor (Nikon) lenses. I suggest getting the outfit with the lense included. The digital format is smaller than 35 mm, so multiply the focal length of your lenses by 1.5. Your existing lenses will not have the same focal length range as they do for 35 mm.


    1. High price, although competitively priced compared to similar digital SLR camera
    2. CF flash card is not included. You will need to purchase one if you don't already have one. I suggest at least a 256 MB, preferably a 512 MB or larger.
    3. Lense is an odd size 67 mm, may be hard to find filters. I was able to find them, but I had to go to several stores.
    4. Accessories can be a little difficult to find. Nikon is notorious for sending out press releases and product literature months before the items are available.
    5. Lately accessories for the D-70 are in short supply,e.g. lenses, filters and the SB-600 speedlight(...)I am extremely happy with this camera. I have been waiting for Nikon to come out with a more affordable digital SLR since I already own several Nikkor lenses. The qualities of pictures I have taken have been excellent. I guess I will be selling my old N70, since I am done with film.


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