• Nikon Camera Review: Nicon D70 Review - Nikon D70 vs Point and Shoot

    21 April 2005

    Nicon D70 Review - Nikon D70 vs Point and Shoot

    Nikon is a wonderful out of box experance. They have quick guides that will get you up and taking photos in no time at all. But you will need to charge your battery and my Nikon did not come with a memory card.

    The D70 is a very fast camera. You can use the 40x memory cards that write at a rate of 10 mb per second. That means you can take 144 photos without any delays. The D70 is a basicly a instant on camera and it is very fast to focus, and it is instantly ready to take the next photo.

    The Nikon is a point and shoot camera, in that you can set it on automatic and just push the button and take photos. The factory setting are a little bit generic though. I like a photo that is a little sharper and a little more vivid. I can do that in Adobe or I can change those setting in the camera. Soft setting are nice to make people look younger so I would not discard the factory setting all together.

    You can get good photos out of a point and shoot camera. But you may end up spending a lot of money on accessories. For example, some of them require expensive memory cards. Also you will needing two cameras: a wide angle and a telephoto. With a SLR you will need one camera body and two lens.

    The one thing I do not consider a issue is price. Point and Shoots have a way to get you to buy extras that cost you money. If you want a good camera, get the D70. It is a good investment for your money and I am sure it will maintain it's resale value much better than the point and shoots do.

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