• Nikon Camera Review: Nikon D70 Review - So far so good!

    20 April 2005

    Nikon D70 Review - So far so good!

    It was with high hopes and expectations that I finally made the jump from digital to film and then back to digital photography. I searched for a long time prior to making a purchase, studying every review I could lay my hands on. After many, many bleary-eyed months of research, I had narrowed the field to 3 prosumer cameras: Pentax ist*d, the Canon D10, and the Nikon D70. All three were good cameras and each had features the others didn't. My choice finally came down to the two things that I needed as someone who shoots wildlife photography---speed and image quality. All 3 of the above choices shoot at 6+ megapixels. Where they differ is in the speed. The Nikon D70 shoots at 3 fps, and depending on which image quality mode you are using, can buffer shots for up to 9 seconds.

    So far, my usage has been limited to shooting pictures of my cats, who have decided to sleep every time I come at them with a camera. I hope to get out today and utilize the capacity of this camera. So far it has been very easy to use. The manual could be a bit better though. I'm pretty much an experienced amateur, and right out of the box the camera was able to put forth some nice still pictures with amazing clarity! Now I just need to teach myself what the heck white balance and all those other technical terms mean and how to put them to use!

    If you are looking at this camera, one tidbit of advice--get a fast card! 40x minimum. I know there are 80x cards out there (that's what I got) and it should take care of all your needs. And a spare battery (although 3 people I know who have this camera say the battery seems to last forever). I'd also choose this camera over the slower Nikon D100.

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