• Nikon Camera Review: Nikon D70 Review - Awesome digital SLR. Very pleased

    23 April 2005

    Nikon D70 Review - Awesome digital SLR. Very pleased

    Had mine since March 23. The wait was worth it!

    After initial battery charge shot over 2,000 pix and recharged the battery once due to transferring pix to PC directly from the camera. Take Nikon's advice ... use the optional power adapter during transfer directly from camera or use a card reader. Transferring pix from camera drains battery FAST!

    The D70 is ready to take pictures before your finger leaves the ON button, seriously. No delay between shots. Nice focusing system ... can choose focus area in viewfinder or let camera choose for you ... one of its the many nice features.

    Good price (~$1299 for D70 outfit with 18-70 lens) for an excellent prosumer DSLR. If you get this camera, spend the extra to get the "D70 Outfit" with the new 18-70 Nikon lens. Its worth it and saves you $100+ over buying the lens later. The lens is worth over $400 by itself.

    What I did not like: wish the LCD monitor could fold and hide or that the plastic protector could be made to stay on more securely. It just seems like the protector was an after thought in development. It falls off easily. Rubber viewfinder eyepiece cup falls off easily too. Already lost mine.

    I'm a very satisfied customer ... Go Nikon!!



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