• Nikon Camera Review: Nikon D70 Review - Fantastic---You won't be disappointed

    23 April 2005

    Nikon D70 Review - Fantastic---You won't be disappointed

    I've had this camera for three months and have shot several thousand pictures. I tried the Olympus 8MP 8080 but it was noisy except for ISO 50 like all prosumer ZSLR's. I exchanged it this beauty and after the first day never looked back.

    Everything you've read is true, GREAT pictures, NO more shutter lag, battery lasts about 4x longer than compact cameras since you set up the shot from the viewfinder not the LCD which uses power. Plus the battery is powerful, 1400mAh. I now rarely use Photoshop. It's easy to use and has many, many functions including the ability to fine tune the white balance--very useful and many development options.

    The lens is top notch, not like the kit lens with the Canon Rebel. To compliment this lens I picked up a Nikon 28-200. Great lens for about $300.00 that also works very well for macro shooting since it focuses up to about 15 inches. Add an extension tube and you can photograph the pollen in a flower with razor sharp results. No need to pick up a macro lens this one does it all plus it's a great lens for walking around. Don't get the Tamron 28-300 since images are soft between 200-300mm and it will depreciate faster than any Nikon lens because of the name. I also picked up a used razor sharp 70-210 f4.0-5.6 lens for only $150.00 which is much, much better than the new 80-200 or 80-300 more expensive Nikon lenses.

    Simply great shots
    Ease of Use
    Instant On
    Super Fast
    Lots of Features

    Wish the LCD was bigger but it is standard size
    Light on top panel should be on-off instead of staying on for just 10 secs
    Light on top could be brighter or indigo blue for easier read
    Auto White balance runs a little cool.

    White Balance Tips:
    For most shots simply set the Auto White Balance at -2 or -3 setting and leave it there. This will warm the shots very nicely.
    For outdoor shots on nice days use the Cloudy or Shade setting. The Sunny setting is little cool-blue. With Cloudy the added warmth or red looks great. But you won't go wrong with Auto -3 outdoors.
    Use Shade setting with a -2 or -3 setting for spectacular red sunsets.
    Flash portraits use Flash setting with a -1 or -2 for warmer skin tones
    Don't waste your money on a warming filter. The Auto White balance will compensate for for the added red. If you want warm use shade just follow the above advice and/or adjust the setting to -2 or -3 to add some red.

    You will not be disappointed with this great camera.



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