• Nikon Camera Review: Nikon D70 Review - A DSLR for the Masses!

    23 April 2005

    Nikon D70 Review - A DSLR for the Masses!

    I've had my D70 for a week and have already taken about 100 pictures. My results? Spectacular! I purchased it with while on a business trip, so had the opportunity to play with it before I got home. Since I had my evenings more-or-less free, I read the manual (not too helpful) but then downloaded everything I could from the net to help me with using the camera. I'm still having fun learning what it can do.

    First, if someone is familiar with SLRs in general, then the learning curve for the D70 won't be as steep. If you've owned a DSLR in the past, it should be quite easy to use - in fact, you'll probably be astounded!

    Second, get used to almost instantaneous power up and auto-focus. My previous DSLR was slow to start up and was generally slow to focus and recycle. I have had all kinds of fun with the speed of my new camera. For this alone, I'd recommend the D70!

    Third, the pictures are very good to spectacular. The color and clarity of my "windy pictures" (taken from the 10th floor of my hotel looking at swaying palm trees) was breathtaking! And taking a picture of the sun shining behind a dark cloud with the suns' rays coming down to the ground: my old DSLR couldn't do that! It can take the hard-to-take pictures (light/dark areas scattered, strong light and strong dark in the same general area) because of it's sophisticated metering.

    Fourth, the buffer holding the pictures, even in their RAW (NEF) format, transfers so quickly to the CF card, I didn't even notice a lag. Even my old film Nikon N70 would have a hard time keeping up with this camera as it would need to autowind the film. With the D70, no such problem. Just keep snapping away!

    Fifth, I can use my all my Nikon lens from my N70 on my D70, which will reduce my overall COO (cost of ownership).

    Sixth, the software that comes included with the D70 - PicturePerfect - is not what I would recommed. Instead, I opted to go with Nikon Capture (which is included in the camera, but it's only a 30 day trial subscription). I find Capture 4.1 to handle most of my needs. I recommend that users of a fine camera like the D70 use Capture (you'll have to upgrade to 4.1 to handle the RAW images) instead of PicturePerfect. PicturePerfect is designed for people who only want to work a very little bit on their pictures; Capture 4.1 gives the serious hobbyist far more control.

    All-in-all, I'd say I have a perfect camera.



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