• Nikon Camera Review: Nikon D70 Review - I sacrificed my whole Canon System for this Camera

    23 April 2005

    Nikon D70 Review - I sacrificed my whole Canon System for this Camera

    would guess that all the other reviewers have said what should said, has advised what it should have been advised. So in short, I would approach this subject from the standpoint of value for money.

    a) The feel of the Canon 300D and Nikon D70 speaks for itself when you man-handled (or woman-handled) the cameras. Although the body itself are somewhat similar in weight, putting on the lens will make you feel that the D70 is a more stabilised platform for photo shots. As the saying goes, you are what you wear. And to perform well, the basic thing to do is to dress for the role. So the feeling of the D70 is that it just make you feel like a pro (this cannot be measured in terms of money......it's feeling y'know?)

    b) Value of the lens. The Nikkor DX lens that comes with the camera kit has more elements than the Canon lens. That said, the quality of the pictures are, personally, are better because of the lens.

    c) Sensors size. I always would want to work with the photo developers. And the Nikon sensor 3:2 size helps when you need print directly in a hurry and this would not allow the developers to crop the pictures up, in the end sacrifice some details that you may want in the photo. Important consideration.

    d) In the end, this camera serves most of my needs without going to break the bank for a higher end camera. yes technology will improve but if a computer at Intel Celeron 1GHz can do normal typing and emailing, what's the need for AMD 64 Bit? So in the same breath, this camera can do what is needed to do and did it extremely well (the reviewers can all vouch for this fact); thus making the need to upgrade this camera a very remote possiblity.

    e) Yes EOS300D is cheaper but has tons of space to improve. The D70 is dearer but has performed in a way that there's little to improve (even if Nikon has improved the camera, it is small little problems that can be solved by firmware upgrades or doing some minute custom changes). From this perspective, the money should be given to the people who put in the effort to produce a fine product.

    f) I sacrificed my whole EOS system for this camera. Nuff said. (Even though it is the old EOS 500, it still produce fantastic pictures. Sad to let it go but have to finance the camera somehow!!).

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