• Nikon Camera Review: Nikon D70 Review - Nikon D70 Scores Big

    23 April 2005

    Nikon D70 Review - Nikon D70 Scores Big

    Having read a few Nikon D70 reviews, I wanted to pass along some wisdom as well. No camera is perfect, and certainly digital camera's have come a long way since this technologly started. My comparison on this camera and my decision to purchase, is based on owning several digital camera's in the past few years.

    I was recently using the Fujix S7000 SLR digital. It also received raved reviews. So this review will compare the Nikon D70 to the Fuji S7000.

    I wanted a camera that had instant type startup. I had missed many a photo due to the slowness of my camera, the Fuji S7000 was no exception. The Nikon D70 is very fast in starting and processing images to the memory card. I use continuous shooting mode the most. The D70 is fast, I can't say its the fastest. The S7000 was faster capturing images, but too slow to process, causing me to miss subsequent photos while I waited for the camera to finish processing to the card. So the D70 won this contest easily. The other issue is the way the D70 reviews images taken. It does it all seamlessly. You can keep all of your locked settings in place while viewing images, in several thumbnail views. The deleting of images is a snap. The S7000 from Fuji, unlocks your locked settings when you want to view images already taken. This one feature in itself it worth the current street "price" of this camera. By the way everyone sells it for about the same price.

    The image quality is what everyone writes about. It neither the very best ever, or the worst. I think film camera's will rule for about another few years, as far as quality is concern. The Nikon D70 generates very good photos. The close up protraits in good lighting come out with a "nice" glow. The detail is good to excellent depending on your subject and lighting. I use this camera primarily out doors. So forget perfect lighting and controlled subjects. Being lazy I depend on the AF and Auto settings. I have purchased two additional Nikon lenses. The 70-300mm Zoom and the Macro 105mm for close up work. It all works very well.

    There are some "cons" on this camera but not enough to sway me away to the other "DSLR's". Again, the image quality is good to excellent. This camera does better in lighted situations. Use your "histogram" chart to correct images. Others have written about "moire", thats distorted color patterns, that plague most digital camera's. Well I have not seen too much of that. This can happen with you have lots of blues or reds in a photo.

    Overall I think this camera is best suited for the advanced amateur photographer. The features and price make this an excellent choice. Also note that Nikon is also selling the D100, which basically has the same features, for another $200.00 body only. Careful also with dust in the open lense mount. Changing lenses in the outdoors will attract dust particles and crawls into your CCD. Excellent battery life.

    WORD OF ADVICE: Nikon Europe Warns Customers of Stolen D70 digital SLR Kits
    A number of Nikon D70 digital SLR camera kits destined for Spain have been stolen from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on July 17, 2004.

    The kits comprised of a D70 body with AF-S DX Nikkor 18-70G lens, battery, charger and English and Spanish language User manuals. Importantly they also carry a Warranty Card carrying the following address of Nikon's Spanish distributor Finicon S.A.

    Finicon S.A.
    C/ Ciencias, 81 Nave-8
    Poligono Pedrosa
    08908 L'Hospitalet de LLobregat

    A spokesman said: "Nikon would like to take the opportunity to warn the trade and customers to be wary about unrealistically low prices being offered for D70 bodies, 18-70mm lenses, batteries or chargers without retail packaging or valid warranty cards or manuals. Should anyone become aware of these products being made available, they are advised to contact their national Nikon office."

    The serial numbers are engraved into the camera body base. They are as follows:

    4100064 4100100 4100112 4100118 4100160 4100244 4100274 4100316 4100580
    4100065 4100101 4100113 4100119 4100161 4100245 4100275 4100317 4100581
    4100066 4100102 4100114 4100120 4100162 4100246 4100276 4100318 4100582
    4100067 4100103 4100115 4100121 4100163 4100247 4100277 4100319 4100583
    4100068 4100104 4100116 4100122 4100164 4100248 4100278 4100320 4100584
    4100069 4100105 4100117 4100123 4100165 4100249 4100279 4100321 4100585
    4100676 4100754 4100844 4101108 4101132 4101144 4101162 4101180 4101198
    4100677 4100755 4100845 4101109 4101133 4101145 4101163 4101181 4101199
    4100678 4100756 4100846 4101110 4101134 4101146 4101164 4101182 4101200
    4100679 4100757 4100847 4101111 4101135 4101147 4101165 4101183 4101201
    4100680 4100758 4100848 4101112 4101136 4101148 4101166 4101184 4101202
    4100681 4100759 4100849 4101113 4101137 4101149 4101167 4101185 4101203

    Overall rating four and one half stars.****.5

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