• Nikon Camera Review: Nikon D70 Review - The ultimate digital camera for the rest of us?

    23 April 2005

    Nikon D70 Review - The ultimate digital camera for the rest of us?

    Unless you are at the level of spending $4000-$6000 on a digital camera, check out the Nikon D70.

    After buying this camera and learning its features in the last week, I am positive that I won't need to upgrade again for a long time, if ever. This camera's 6.1 megapixal quality gives me virtually any size print I need as an advanced amateur. And the prints are exceptional. Add to that the wonderful set of features allowing for creative control and the ease of use. I bought the lens that came with it, and it is a top quality Nikkor lens. Later I'll buy a zoom lens. If you're thinking that the 8-megapixal 8700 will deliver better results, think again. The CCD is smaller on the point and shoot models like the 8700.

    The reponsiveness is incredible. I am shooting much quicker than I was on my previous point and shoot. Now I don't miss a shot. If you are thinking of upgrading to an SLR camera from a point and shoot, take the D 70. You will be amazed at how quick the camera takes shots. The menu is easy to read, noise is not detectable in photos, large range of shutter speeds and ISO settings (to 1600!).

    Nikon have priced the camera so well that anyone looking at the 8700 would be better off spending just a couple hundred more for the D 70 that will last much longer.

    Excellent pics. Professional feel when holding the body. Superior lenses available. Easy to learn. Responsive. Several filters screw right into front of lens-no cheap slide ons. Great buy! Most of us are guilty of constantly checking for the latest and greatest upgrade to our "toys." If you purchase this camera, you can sit content for a long time, get to learn it and enjoy great photos for years to come.

    And after talking at length with the representative from the camera shop I frequent, I was convinced that this Nikon D 70 is a better investment than the Digital Rebel from Canon, which is what I went to the store to buy in the first place.

    For once I feel like I bought the perfect camera. I don't have thousands to spend, but the price of $1300 was well worth it. I'm so done with reading digital camera reviews!!!!



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