• Nikon Camera Review: Nikon D70 Review - Its a great camera but it ain't easy.........,

    23 April 2005

    Nikon D70 Review - Its a great camera but it ain't easy.........,

    Well, I shouldn't say that. It IS a great camera and you can pull it out of the box and start taking great pictures (as long as you leave it on the "automatic" mode). I'm merely trying to inform those like myself who think that through the virtue of a new camera, you'll be the next Ansel Adams. I make the analogy of the proverbial golfer who thinks that the next, greatest putter will put him on the PGA tour, it ain't gonna happen.....:)

    To that end, I am glad I kept my Nikon Coolpix 4300 for the occasional travel trip or when you just don't want to have to think. My local camera store guy says the same thing (actually his words).

    But of course this is the whole point in buying a digital SLR and Im quite enjoying myself playing with all the settings. I spent the better part of tonight sitting on the sofa, camera in hand, varying exposure compensation values till I was throroughly confused.

    I guess my point is dont let the camera intimidate you. Over time, you will gladly welcome the myriad of input you can summon. I will offer a few tidbits of advice (trust me, my sofa can attest to my studies):

    1) Set the white balance in all modes to around -1, at least. The camera tends to shoot a little cool and a little bump in the white balance can warm up your pictures nicely.

    2) Go ahead and use the shooting menu/optimize image/custom functions. Bump up your sharpness and saturation even if you plan to run your pics thru Photoshop later.

    3) Do not use ISO Auto custom menu #5. Rather be prepared to vary the ISO as you need to.

    4) And last go out on the internet and find a custom curve! Easy way to change the whole tonal markup the camera produces. Try the "white wedding" curve at: http://fotogenetic.dearingfilm.com/downloads.html (I know, it sounds like a drug)..........

    Happy shooting!!!

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